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Shame on Mark Harris

  • Carmel Country Club 4735 Carmel Road Charlotte, NC, 28226 United States (map)

Mark Harris promotes himself as a pious minister yet willingly joins forces with an adulterous liar to fundraise for his campaign. This hypocrisy deserves a call out! 

Let's gather to protest Trump, Mark Harris and Ted Budd as they fundraise from wealthy donors across our state. Show these donors that their money will support candidates who are anti-women, hurt our marginalized communities and make a mockery of religious values.

Sign ideas include:

Shame on Trump! Shame on Harris!
Whose mistress will your donation help silence?
Stay-at-Home Moms can protest at luncheons! 

Parking is available at Olde Towne Village Center (a short walk for those who are able) and alongside Green Rea Road for those who need greater convenience. 

Handmaiden costumes welcomed!